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NIVEA Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Rihanna

Thanks to NIVEA, I had the chance to go see Rihanna perform at the Nassau Coliseum on July 19th as their imbedded blogger. Now, while Rihanna is often on my playlist at the gym, most of the concerts I usually attend are of the indie rock persuasion. But I had no doubt she would put on an amazing show and was curious to learn more about her partnership with NIVEA who is celebrating their 100 year anniversary. So my guest and I grabbed a can of Twisted Tea at Penn Station and headed out on the LIRR to Long Island from NYC. 

As soon as we arrived at the coliseum, we made our way to the NIVEA tent where they had a tattoo artist on hand to give special tattoos designed by Rihanna—ok, ok, it was a fake tattoo, but I wanted to be sure to be as festive as possible for the show. So after getting my new wrist tattoo, we headed in for the show. Seated just seven rows from the stage, we had fantastic views of Rihanna.

Rihanna was amazing—her stage presence was unlike most I’ve seen (and I’ve even seen Gaga—albeit, when she was still an unknown, but still!). And she looked incredible, speaking very well to her being the face of NIVEA.

The show was a total crowd pleaser…just when I thought she’d surely sang all the song I knew, she’d come out with another hit. In fact, as the show ended I couldn’t figure out what song she could possibly come out with for her encore because she seemed to have covered them all. Boy was I wrong, suddenly on stage appeared a guy and quickly we realize it’s Kanye West! Talk about the surprise appearance to top all surprise appearances at a show. The two of them performed All of the Lights followed by Run This Town. Rihanna then closed us out with Umbrella and left all of Nassau Coliseum feeling satisfied—what more could we have wanted from this show?!

As we left the concert the NIVEA team was right there hanging out samples of NIVEA Creme, which also had coupons for product and for a free download of Rihanna’s song California King Bed.

NIVEA is also hosting a contest currently for a lucky winner to go to Prague to see Rihanna preform there—something I know I’m going to enter for, and believe me, you should too. The Rihanna show combined with the VIP treatment NIVEA offers is something not to be missed!